bg_mca2A Fabulous Financing Option Right at Your Fingertips

As any small business owner can confirm, having reliable sources of credit or financing can provide the peace-of-mind needed to endure hard times. Imagine if you were able to almost immediately draw funds from a lending source that required no application fee, no closing costs and zero equity without having to follow a fixed repayment schedule? Hard to believe that such an exceptional lending source could right under your nose, but we at the BG Capital Funding Group are here to tell you that’s exactly what you could be sitting on top of if you happen to have a merchant account.

What You Can Do with Your Merchant Cash Advance

We can help you to set up a merchant cash advance for up to $200,000 for each of your business locations. Such an advance can get you extra operating capital in as little as seven days, allowing you to better:

  • Meet your payroll and overhead expenses if funds ever get tight
  • Buy or replace business equipment
  • Fund your promotions or expansion projects

Repaying your advance literally requires no extra effort on your part. A small portion of your future credit card payments is withheld to go towards your advance until the balance is paid off.

The next time you need funds for your business, don’t be left scrambling looking for financing options. Let us here at the BG Capital Funding Group get you the money you need almost instantly with a merchant cash advance. To discover more about this unique funding tool, call us anytime.