bg_accountingFunding Your Business Through Accounts Receivable Financing

If your business has clients who pay for services in longer time frames (30 days, 90 days, etc.), you can use accounts receivable financing to turn those invoices into liquid cash immediately. Financing receivables, or factoring, means you sell those unpaid invoices to BG Capital Funding Group at a discount and receive payment right away. Because this type of financing is based on your clients’ credit histories, it’s an ideal solution for brand-new businesses or those in bankruptcy. You even get free credit insurance on your clients.

Benefits Beyond Quick Cash

There are numerous benefits that financing receivables give to your business:

  • Outsources some of your accounting work
  • Provides cash in 24 hours
  • Increases funding as your business grows
  • Provides more flexibility than a bank loan
  • Offers detailed monthly statements and credit information on your clients
  • Opens more time to focus on your business rather than collections

Using Cash to Grow Your Business

Once you’ve taken the steps to start financing receivables, you can use the cash in many areas of your business:

  • Fund business growth by increasing inventory or hiring new employees.
  • Use cash to meet seasonal opportunities.
  • Pay for operating expenses to avoid debt.
  • Have the resources to take on large accounts.

Contact Us to Get Started

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