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For those brokers that have the resources needed to secure lending options for their clients, a career in commercial finance can be a rewarding and lucrative one. The trick is finding such resources. As you can probably attest to, most firms either require that you work directly for them in order to help you in arranging financing packages, or offer unfavorable compensatory or referral bonuses that don’t adequately reflect the amount of work that you put into your deals. Yet before you go questioning your career path, understand that there are organizations out there ready to help assist you in achieving success. For proof, look no further than the Referral and Broker Program that we here at BG Capital Funding Group offer.

Why Consider Working with Us?

Our program offers outstanding benefits to all brokers, whether you work directly for us or not. Simply being associated with our name will help ensure client confidence in you. They’ll know that you have the means to finance their deals, and you’ll rest easy knowing that you have a referral partner that offers advantages such as:

  • Industry leading referral rates
  • One of the largest portfolios of public and private lenders in the business
  • Unwavering loyalty

Just how loyal are we to our referral partners? If your clients ever come to us again in the future, we’ll refer them back to you to help structure their deals.

If you’re tired of having to work all by yourself in securing new client deals, consider joining the BG team of brokers. Ours is an internal compensation structure designed to reward hard work rather than deterring it. Plus, working with us allows you to associate with some of the brightest minds in the commercial finance industry.

Don’t let a few firm-induced setbacks deter you in your career development. With the resources that you can enjoy through your collaboration with our team here at the BG Capital Funding Group, you can build up an impressive client portfolio that will help support your success for years. As your partner (whether through referrals or direct representation), we’re as committed to your success as you are. To learn important information about our Referral and Broker program, call us right away.