bg_ventureExpert Assistance for Companies Seeking Equity Financing or Venture Capital

If you’re looking to secure joint venture capital or private equity financing, BG Capital Funding Group has the knowledge and connections that you need. Our experience in helping companies obtain this type of financing is unparalleled. We also maintain partnerships with a huge network of investors who are always ready to fund promising companies.

Typical Uses for Our Financing

We can help you obtain private equity or joint venture capital financing to fund various forms of corporate reorganization. You can use our financing to restructure your overall mix of debt and equity or to complete a management buyout. You can also apply it toward divestment, general buyouts or growth.

How You Qualify for Financing

Our partners are willing to invest in businesses in virtually any industry, but your business must represent a quality investment. To determine whether this is the case, our investors typically consider the following questions:

  • Does your business have effective leadership in place?
  • Is your business in a strong position and likely to grow in the future?
  • Has your business demonstrated an ability to create value and cash?

Additionally, our partners usually prefer to invest in businesses that can offer them a well-defined exit strategy.

Pursue Your Financing Today

Instead of putting substantial amounts of time and effort into seeking private equity or venture capital financing on your own, take advantage of our knowledge, resources and proven record of success. Contact BG Capital Funding Group today to get started.