bg_sicreA Faster Alternative to Conventional Commercial Real Estate Loans

The commercial real estate loan process can be an arduous one, particularly if you rely on conventional methods. There’s the process of getting pre-qualified, having yours or your company’s credit profile screened, and then awaiting approval (if you can get approved at all, a problem many small businesses with no established credit often encounter). All the while, prized commercial properties may be getting snatched up in your desired area. What if there were a way to avoid such hassles that allowed you to find and finance the property you want quickly and conveniently? That’s exactly what we here at the BG Capital Funding Group can offer you.

What Are Stated Income Loans?

We feature a Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Loan program that helps bypass all of the hurdles that come with conventional financing. How so? Rather than simply focusing on standard loan qualification guidelines, such as your credit history, resources, and profitability potential, we look at the income that your desired property could generate, and whether or not that income could cover the mortgage payments (along with any associated taxes and fees). These unique lending standards also mean that even if your business has a poor credit history, you may still be able to qualify for financing. Just how low can your credit score be while still allowing you to qualify? Typically, we can help companies with scores as low as 600.

Why Choose This Financing Option?

Other organizations in your same position have found these loans to be a terrific option whether you’re looking to buy, refinance or cash-out the equity on your current property. Here are just some of the other benefits that you’ll enjoy with this outstanding loan package:

  • Financing options for up to $5 million
  • 65-75 percent loan-to-value ratios on almost all commercial properties
  • Closings in as little as three weeks

Don’t allow the delays inherent with the traditional lending process slow down the growth of your business any longer. Instead, trust our team here at the BG Capital Funding Group to get you into your desired location through our Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Loan program. To learn more about this and the many other commercial financing tools we offer, just give us a call today.