bg_poProcure the Funds Needed to Fulfill Your Purchase Orders

Ask anyone involved in the supply chain, and they’ll tell you that the greatest challenge isn’t in securing new client orders, but in maintaining your ability to fulfill them. There is typically plenty of consumer demand out there to keep you busy, whether you’re a manufacturer, supplier or distributor. Yet at the same time, it’s easy to get caught in the troublesome cycle of straining your resources to fill each client order and not being able to see the fruits of your labor pay off in business expansion. What you need is a way to turn your purchase orders into working capital to ensure yourself the ability to continue to take on new orders while also being able to meet your current client’s demand. We at the BG Capital Funding Group can offer you that through our Purchase Order Financing program.

The Benefits that PO Financing Offers

Our program can cover any type of PO, no matter your role in the supply chain. We even offer Letters of Credit to help complete domestic or international trade purchases and other expenses associated with import/export transactions. Our other clients have found this to be an outstanding option if and when you need to:

  • Secure immediate funds to meet your operating costs during lean seasons
  • Increase your immediate resources without having to sell equity in your company
  • Expand your market share by taking on larger orders

Let us here at the BG Capital Funding Group be your partner in progress by turning your purchase orders into immediate cash for your business. To learn more about this exciting business financing tool, call and speak with us today.