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Many aspiring entrepreneurs expend much of their time and efforts in attempting to discover that elusive “secret of success.” As statistics show that almost 80 percent of these ambitious professionals fail in their first attempts at setting up their own companies, it would seem as though such a secret is determined to stay just that. Yet as we here at the BG Capital Funding Group can attest to, succeeding with your small business doesn’t require discovering some mystical secret. Instead, it simply requires understanding (and taking advantage of) the resources available to you.

Securing Funds through the SBA Program

When times get tight (as they inevitably will) with your small business, it’s imperative that you have a source of funds from which you can draw to help continue your operations. One such source is the federal government’s SBA program, which was designed specifically to offer small business loan services to entrepreneurs such as yourself. Qualifying for this financing program couldn’t be simpler; all you need is to meet the following industry-specific criteria:

  • Be a service provider with a workforce of less than 100
  • Be a manufacturer with a workforce or less than 500
  • Be a retailer with annual sales of less than $6 million

The SBA program offers two different loan options: 7(a) or 504. A 7(a) loan can secure you up to $5 million, while you could get up to $12 million with a 504 loan. Both can be utilized to purchase new commercial real estate, outfit your business with the latest and greatest equipment, or consolidate your debt.

We work with loan providers to whom the federal government has delegated authority to approve SBA loans. That allows us to turn your loan application around in a mere matter of weeks.
As an SBA Preferred Financial Services provider, we at the BG Capital Funding Group know how to get you the funds you need to help your small business succeed faster than other commercial finance companies. Let our experience provide your small business with the support it needs. To get started in securing your SBA loan, call and speak with one of our finance experts today.