bg_annuityAccess Your Annuity Faster With Help From BG Capital Funding Group

Whether it’s an inheritance or you’re receiving regular payments from a class action lawsuit you won, there are times when you need quicker access to the money you are receiving in structured payments. BG Capital Funding Group can help you get what’s yours through our structured settlement and annuity financing programs.

Why Choose Our Program?

Our financing solutions are fast and flexible. You don’t necessarily need to relinquish all of your payments. You can get access to some of them or even choose a specific portion of your incoming payments to be accessed. There are many reasons why you might want to turn your annuity into one lump sum. Benefits to our program include:

  • Ability to weather unexpected changes or expenses through instant liquidity
  • Customizable options tailored to your situation
  • Ready your assets to be transferred to heirs
  • Avoiding higher surrender charges
  • High-class customer service

Accessing Your Annuity

You may first wish for a quote before cashing out your annuity. We can help you faster if you have this information readily available:

  • Policy Number
  • Insurance company name
  • First date of payment
  • Last date of guaranteed payment
  • Frequency of payment
  • Amount

Do you not have access to all of this information? Don’t worry, we may still be able to help.

We Want to Help

We know that life doesn’t always take into account the amount of your structured settlement or annuity check. For more information regarding annuity financing, contact BG Capital Funding Group today.