bg_m_equipmentUtilizing Equipment Leasing for Your Business

Equipment financing is a smart option for your business as it allows you to get the things you need to keep your business running without spending a large lump sum to purchase big-ticket items. There are several different forms of equipment loans so you can choose the one that is the best fit for your company.

Find the Right Leasing Option

There are various leasing structures available from BG Capital Funding Group. Here are some examples of equipment financing:

  • Guaranteed approval for equipment leasing to government and municipal entities
  • Special financing programs for start-up companies in business less than two years
  • Second-chance programs for companies that need help rebuilding credit
  • Sale and lease back agreements where you get cash for your equipment and then make lease payments until you own it again

We work with your business to find the ideal financing option. Contact one of our specialists to discuss your options and find the best plan for your company.

Types of Financing

The application and approval process varies depending on the amount of financing requested. These standard financing terms are available to businesses over two years old and require little to no down payment. There are several payment structures available with repayment time frames of up to 84 months.

  • Application only: Up to $150,000 with no financial statements necessary and approval in 24 hours
  • Middle market: Up to $500,000 with approval in three to five days
  • Large ticket: Over $500,000 with approval within five days

We offer equipment leasing for almost any item related to your company’s operation.

Benefits of Equipment Financing

There are numerous benefits of leasing your equipment. You get the equipment you need to run your business without risking cash flow issues or spending valuable capital. Leases offer low monthly payments and don’t affect your company’s bank lines of credit. You simplify your taxes since you won’t need to keep track of complicated depreciation schedules. Some lease payments even qualify as pre-tax expenses.

If you’re ready to learn how BG Capital Funding Group can help your company get the equipment it needs, contact one of our financial specialists today.