Working Capital Solutions Without Bank Loans

For many entrepreneurs, getting working capital can be a challenge. Traditional bank loans are not always in the picture, because of the prohibitively high requirements to access those programs. For some business owners, the idea of taking on extra debt is not a wise financial move, leaving them with very few options. Fortunately, there are alternatives to bank loans, giving business owners the working capital solutions they need, without any debt.

Merchant Cash Advances

A merchant cash advance is one of the most popular working capital solutions for small businesses. This solution is an advance of working capital without any of the debt or restrictions of traditional bank loans. A merchant cash advance can be used for anything from restocking inventory to hiring extra employees for seasonal sales, and even acquiring new equipment, marketing campaigns, or paying off financial obligations. Instead of a rigid payment schedule, a merchant cash advance is repaid from a small percent of customer credit card transactions. This gives businesses the flexibility they require without placing a burden on cash flow or depleting reserves during light sales periods.

Invoice Factoring

For some businesses, the lack of available working capital is due staggered or delayed payments from customers on open invoices. Factoring offers a solution by converting open invoices into cash within 24 hours. Business owners can clear out their backlog of unsettled accounts and get fast revenue from invoices as they are generated. Invoice factoring is the easiest way to free up working capital tied to customer accounts without having to resort to bank loans or assuming unnecessary debt.

Unsecured Lines Of Credit

For new and small businesses, getting access to unsecured lines of credit is not always a possibility with conventional providers. However, there are special programs available which structure unsecured business lines of credit around the overall profitability of a new company, as well as other factors. Having an unsecured business line of credit gives entrepreneurs access to an extra source of working capital without placing any debt on the balance sheets.

Get The Working Capital Solutions You Need Today

Whether you own a well-established business, or if you just launched your company, BG Capital Funding Group has solutions for all your financing needs. We have a wide range of working capital programs to fit businesses of any size, in any industry. Contact our offices today, and put our expertise to work for you.


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