Seasonal Businesses: Optimizing Sales And Marketing To Customers

The time has come for seasonal businesses to kick things into high gear. Across the country, seasonal businesses are stocking up on inventory in anticipation of high sales which account for a large portion of their revenue. There are a few things seasonal businesses can do to ensure they do not run out of inventory, while simultaneously drawing in a large number of customers to help maximize their sales.

Maintaining Inventory And Staff For Seasonal Businesses

One of the biggest issues for seasonal businesses is maintaining inventory. With a large influx of customers, running out of any particular item means people will have to make purchases elsewhere. Additionally, many businesses hire seasonal help to manage customer requests, ring up sales, and even work the stockroom. Unfortunately, both inventory and additional staff can place a temporary strain on finances. During a heave sales season, many business owners use merchant cash advances to offset the financial burden without placing debt on the books. A merchant cash advance is an infusion of debt-free working capital, which is repaid from a small percentage of sales. The advance can be used for anything from advertising to purchasing inventory, and even hiring additional employees. Because sales are high, most businesses are able to repay the cash advance ahead of schedule, without penalty.

Offering Payment Options To Customers

If there is one thing seasonal businesses can count on, it is customers who are looking to spend money. However, many customers end up settling for smaller purchases to stay within their personal budgets. To help increase sales and allow customer to purchase what they want, businesses offer payment options through consumer financing. Consumer financing lets people make the large purchases they want by spreading out the amount owed over manageable monthly installments. Consumer financing also has built-in marketing tools to help bring in even more sales by offering incentives such as no money down for the holiday season, and more. This gives seasonal businesses a much larger reach, and by getting more customers to sign up for financing options, establishments can increase sales and ensure a strong cash flow, even after the sales season has passed.

Getting Started

At BG Capital Funding Group, we specialize in working capital solutions for businesses of all sizes. With a big sales season looming large, businesses should be prepared to handle the customer rush by stocking up on inventory, hiring staff, and offering flexible payment options to maximize sales. Contact our offices today at 702-605-3100 to learn how we can help your business, so you are ready before the sales season starts.


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