Leasing Office Equipment: A Smart Business Decision?

When we talk about leasing equipment, big ticket items like bulldozers and cranes come to mind. Yet a number of businesses in the corporate sector are leasing office equipment as a means of lowering expenses while increasing productivity.

Leasing Office Equipment Instead Of Purchasing

Leasing office equipment may not make sense at first blush, but once you think about the details, things fall into place. Leasing office equipment covers desks, furniture, copiers, fax machines, computers, large servers, and even software packages. The aforementioned items all have a limited lifespan. In the case of technology and software, purchasing such items is cost prohibitive because of how quickly computers, servers, and other machines depreciate and get outmoded. Leasing agreements allow businesses to sidestep those financial pitfalls.

Leasing At The Pace Of Technology

Leasing office equipment allows business owners to get the latest and greatest hardware and software upgrades. Purchasing equipment means having to offload outdated technology every two or three years, at a major financial loss, in order to purchase new computers, servers, software, and more. Purchasing makes no sense in this regard, because businesses lose money both on the original equipment and in purchasing new items, which also depreciate at a fast rate. With a leasing agreement, as new equipment becomes available, business owners can trade up and always have the latest versions at their disposal.

Maintenance And More

Leasing agreements for office equipment offer a number of money-saving options for business owners. Most businesses either hire in-house IT specialists or contract out to a third part in order to maintain and repair computers and servers. Leasing agreements for office equipment usually have maintenance and upgrades available as an add-on services, which does not increase the overall monthly cost by all that much. Additionally, options such as cleaning, staff training, and even the ability to purchase equipment can be rolled into the agreement.

Tax Benefits

Payments made on leased equipment and software licenses are tax deductible, up to a total of $500,000 annually. Businesses can experience big yearly savings by leasing office equipment instead of purchasing.

Find Out More

BG Capital Funding Group can arrange leasing agreements for your office equipment needs. We will work with you directly to get you exactly what you want at a low monthly rate, instead of paying a large sum upfront. Contact our offices today to learn about our various leasing options and rates.


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