Business Loans: Are Banks Really The Only Answer?

If there is one constant in the world of commerce, it’s financing. No matter the size of the operation or the industry, companies frequently cannot launch or grow without business loans. What many entrepreneurs are realizing is that there are options beyond the limited offerings from banks.

Bank Business Loans: What Has Changed?

For the most part, business loans from banks have not changed over the years. Entrepreneurs put up collateral in exchange for debt and working capital. What has changed, however, is the amount of funding offered by bank loans, as well as the requirements to access those business loans. Banks have increased the requirements to get approval for funding. The reason behind this is that banks do not want to fall into the crisis they experienced back in 2007. Since then, banks have looked at small businesses as risky investments. What banks have yet to realize is that by funding small businesses, the economy can grow and jobs can be created. Additionally, banks have internal limits on the amount of funding they can offer through business loans. Unfortunately, those limits also prevent small businesses from reaching their potential, and in many cases cause entrepreneurs to lose momentum when they are trying to achieve successful growth.

Alternative To Traditional Business Loans

Fortunately, there are financing solutions beyond business loans. In fact, many business owners are seeking out alternative business loans because they are more efficient, have more flexibility, and go beyond the limitations of banks and similar institutions. What is more, many alternative financing programs do not place debt on the books. Solutions such as converting open invoices to cash or purchase order financing provide a source of working capital without debt or impacting credit ratings. Financing alternatives are designed to help businesses grow and thrive without the red tape and restrictions of traditional business loans from banks. Businesses have been able to provide conventional and innovative products and services to customer due to the versatility and affordability of alternative lending solutions.

Learn More About The New Face Of Business Loans

At BG Capital Funding Group, we offer the widest range of alternative business loans nationwide. From invoice factoring, purchase order financing, and unsecured lines of credit for new businesses, on up to equipment financing and commercial real estate, we can help. To learn more about how our financing programs can help your business, contact our offices at 702-605-3100.


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