Business Cash Advances: Improving Your Company Without Loans

Financially speaking, the success of any business comes down to cash flow and sales. Sometimes, businesses reach a point where cash flow becomes constricted. Sales do not yield enough revenue to cover overhead expenses, and by extension, inventory cannot be restocked. This results in diminishing returns and can cause businesses to go bottom up. Business cash advances are a great way to rightsize finances without having to rely on short-term loans to correct cash flow and sales issues.

Business Cash Advances Can Be Arranged Quickly

Any business owner who has dealt with traditional lending institutions knows the waiting game associated with loan applications. The red tape involved usually means getting access to the necessary funds can be delayed by weeks or months. Business cash advances, on the other hand, can be arranged quickly, sometimes in as little as 48 hours. Having immediate access to funding can help get your business back on track so you can improve both sales and cash flow.

Business Cash Advances Have No Restrictions

Traditional loans frequently have an intended purpose. Any deviation from that purpose can place businesses in danger of defaulting on the loan agreement. Business cash advances have no such restrictions. Business cash advances can be used for anything from restocking inventory, running ad campaigns, paying off existing obligations, and anything else the business needs to address. Cash advances are perhaps the most versatile of all working capital capital solutions available today.

Repaying Cash Advances

Unlike conventional loans, cash advances do not place any debt on the books. Additionally, business cash advances do not have a rigid payment schedule. Advances are repaid from a small percentage of sales. This provides business owners with the flexibility they require, while sidestepping issues such as late payment fees. What’s more, during high sales periods, there are no penalties for paying off the balance owed ahead of schedule. Cash advances also do not require any personal guarantees or collateral, which offers small business owners more freedom than traditional bank loans.

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If you would like to improve your cash flow and ensure you have the capital to keep your inventory well-stocked, contact the team at BG Capital Funding Group at 702-605-3100. Our team will work with you to provide your business with a working capital solution without any of the red tape or penalties of traditional lending institutions.


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